Antivirus Review – Which Antivirus Software Should You Use?

If you’re looking for an easy, comprehensive antivirus program to secure all your devices and online activities, there’s not many better alternatives than Avast Free Antivirus. Its malware detection rate was among the highest during our tests, and it also offers other features like a password manager. A file shredder and tune-up utility are also available. The system may be slow when scanning large files and running programs due to the fact that it uses lots of memory.

The paid versions of Avast are expensive, but they offer some great features like parental controls, and a great browser extension to help you safeguard your privacy. You’ll also get a good amount of cloud storage which is great for backing up files and creating an emergency restore point a fantastic read. There are a variety of security suites that are available, starting with the entry level Antivirus Plus up to the most powerful Total Security. There’s also a ransomware-specific security as well as a sandbox that can be used to test suspicious apps.

Kaspersky’s products are essentially variations of one main program. This is a different approach to other antivirus programs that are premium. The main difference between the more extensive versions is that they have additional features, such as an integrated VPN and a password manager. They also allow for more devices. A basic subscription gives protection for one computer, and up to five on the top end.

Sophos’ AV-Home provides a decent level of security at a low cost and its latest version was a success in our test labs. It’s not as feature-rich, but the simplified interface makes it suitable for people who aren’t experts. If you’re looking for more functions the company’s home products can expand to cover up to 10 devices.

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